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Affiliate Marketing Program Overview

Atwork Career hub is the leading online recruitment agency in the Philippines with thousands of job openings nationwide. We’re looking to build an affiliate marketing team to help fill these nationwide job openings. This is an excellent opportunity for you as it allows you to earn a great income, work your own hours, and work right from home. You don’t need to invest any money and this is not an MLM.

As an affiliate marketing representative, you have one job. Post our FB job ads and choose from the following payout options.


Affiliate Marketing Options

Please click on the title of each marketing option below for complete details

Option 1 – Pay Per Post.

For every one of our FB jobs posts that you successfully post to a JOB group, we pay 1.5 pesos for that post. You will need to verify that it’s posted by providing the posting link. Please visit our dedicated Pay Per Post Page for complete details

Option 2 – Pay Per Referral.

Post our FB Job ads in FB groups or share elsewhere and for each person that you refer to us and we hire, we pay you a flat fee. It’s important to understand that the applicant you refer must stay employed with the company for 60 to 90 days (depending on the job opening) to be considered a successful hire. Once your referral passes that time period you are then paid. Please visit our dedicated Pay Per Referral Page for complete details

Option 3 – Affiliate Recruitment.

This is the highest payout option. You post our FB job ads and you interact with persons, either through comments, messaging, or voice. You’re actively recruiting these persons. Your job is to get them employed! Those persons who are hired and maintain employment for the 60 to 90-day probationary period are considered successfully employed and you get paid. Please visit our dedicated Affiliate Recruitment Page for complete details