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AtWork Affiliate Recruitment Program

Atwork Career Hub is please to introduce its Affiliate Recruitment Program. A great way to earn an excellent income by becoming an Affiliate Recruiter.

Here’s how it Works

As an affiliate recruiter you’ll be earning our highest payout, and depending on the industry, you can earn anywhere from 1,500 to 50,000 pesos per hired person (We only pay when someone is successfully hired and have passed the probationary period). Hired means that you find qualified candidates and take them through the hiring process.

  • Locate qualified persons who are interested in our job openings
  • Answer any questions that they may have
  • Ensure that they attend their job interview
  • Follow-up with them regularly
  • Ensure they start work and meet the probationary period ( usually 60-90 days of employment)
  • Get paid

Ready to Move Ahead!

  1. Complete a Short Affiliate Application
  2. We’ll review the above application. Once reviewed (usually within a day or two)  and if approved, we will then schedule a short phone interview.  Following the phone interview, a decision will be made within a day
  3. If we feel your a good fit, we issue a signed contract which requires your review and signature.  We await the return of the contract.
  4. After being  hired your expected to market on your own as well as managing your prospective candidates and taking them through the candidate cycle ( we provide all the tools necessary for you to succeed)
  5.  As an Affiliate Recruiter, you’ll have secure access to the Atwork Job portal, which lists the current job openings, as well as a location for you to manage all of your candidates and take them step by step  through the hiring process. It’s an easy system and training videos are provided

Once Hired

  1. Visit our the affiliate portal where you will conduct and track your job postings and applications
  2. Be sure to create an account using the same information provided on your application.  There are 2 account creation options; Standard and FB Login. We suggest Facebook as you will likely use facebook to market your job openings
  3. Once an account is created please watch the instructional video which outlines how to use the affiliate portal



Here are some of the most common questions we receive about our program


Q. Where do i market these job openings

A. Most people market to the following:

  • Facebook job boards and Posting on their wall and other places
  • Job Boards ( Bestjobs, Indeed, Glassdoor…)
  • Social Media (Linkedin and Instagram)
  • Reaching out to Friends, Family and Acquaintances


Q. You indicated that payout per job is 1,500-50,000 pesos. Where do i find that payout list

A. That’s included in our contract and is discussed in the phone interview

Q. If i’m currently recruiting for another company can i still become a recruiter for Atwork

A. Yes however our contract does have a non-compete clause

Q. I plan to advertise mainly on FB is that ok

A. Yes, you would copy our FB job posts and just share them. Anyone who has comments or messages will only see your information so they remain your candidate

Q. Is my location important

A. We have jobs nationwide and that means you can choose to recruit within your own region as well as recruiting nationally. However we do suggest that recruiting regionally will most likely bring you greater success

Q. Is this legitimate?

A. Absolutely! Our jobs are real jobs for Filipinos looking to work in such fields as Banking, Office Work, Call Centers, ESL teaching, Restaurants, Engineers and Computer Related jobs. Additionally we are PESO and DOLE certified and are happy to provide with a copy of our business permit.

Q. How do I start?

A.Complete the Affiliate Application, then we schedule a phone interview, sign a contract and then we onboard you so you can access everything you need to succeed

Q. Can I do this work anytime that I want?

A. Yes, your self employed, your not an employee of Atwork so you make your own schedule

Q. How do i get paid and how often?

A. Most affiliate have bank accounts so we can transfer directly to your account. Keep in mind that a successful hire is a person whom you locate and take through the hiring cycle until they are hired and have passed their probationary period (which is usually 60-90 days and is always listed in the atwork portal).  After that period is met we then pay within the next cycle, which is every two weeks.

Q. I’m a student, can i still do this?

A. Yes, all are welcome however you are expected to dedicate yourself to succeed

Q. Great I’m ready to begin, now what?

A. Complete the Affiliate Application form first. If you have any questions that we haven’t answered Click the FB messenger link and one of our friendly chat specialists will be happy to help you.